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Presentation - Josefine Chiacchiero

Telefon: 0702104307
Epost: info@compasoflamenco.com
Hemsida: www.compasoflamenco.com
Josefine is a dancer, choreographer, artistic director, teacher, producer and costume designer based in Stockholm.


Josefine Chiacchiero is a graduated teacher in dance and languages from Dans- & Cirkushögskolan, Stockholms Universitet and Université Paris VII. From studies in Spain and other countries she has deepened her knowledge in music and dance of flamenco.


Josefine is active as dancer, choreographer, teacher, producer and costume designer. She is the artistic director of Compaso Flamenco through which she has made many multidisciplinary collaborations and creations and performed in different contexts and countries such as Sweden, Finland, England, Spain and USA. As a dancer she expresses flamenco, contemporary dance, jazz, streetdance and tap-dance and she is recognized by her strong energy and manyfaceted expression.

Josefine’s works are always connected to flamenco in one or another way; the rythms, the melodies, the essence of communication, the direct expression and/or the physical form. Josefine often challenges the norms of flamenco tradition as well as norms of gender, identity and values in general. To a great extent she explores new spaces and contexts for as well her artistic work as her pedagogical work. Josefine has staged performances in swimmingpools, in parks, under a staircase, in a shower, in schools, in museums, in streets, in festivals, on boats and in videoformat. In her pedagogical work she has organized and carried through seminars and workshops for all ages, in insitutions and schools.

The work of Josefine is often dealing with tragedy and comedy and questioning values and perceptions in a poetic and entertaining way. As a master student she focuses on the sounds of her flamencotrained body and explores the perception and possible impact on human senses.



"To live is to lie" Simone de Beauvoir

This work-in-progress shortcut is a part of the explorative project NONES by Compaso Flamenco. The project aims to investigate new ways to deal with pressing matters and try out different ideas to develop further. The project consists of five parts with different themes: SioNo, NiNaNo, ComoNo, AhoraNo, GoGoNo. Videos are under construction and the work is based on basic technical resources.

Welcome to follow the work on facebook.com/compasoflamenco/
Coreography inspired by Joaquín Grilo, Jesús Fernández & Concha Jareño
Recorded at Jordbro Kulturhus 29/4 2016.
Thank you Jordbro Kulturhus, Seth Sound & Light and Odissi Dansproduktion.

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Publicerad 2016-11-22

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