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Presentation - Anna Thunström

Telefon: 0739584250
Epost: annathunstrom@hotmail.com
Hemsida: www.facebook.com/annathunstrommusic
I love exploring the connection between music and text. What it means to me and how it translates to you. What it is to feel and be affected.


I am a singer, specialising in Early Music.

After graduating from The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg 2012 I moved to London.
There I joined Dowland Works, a group focused on Renaissance music, led by soprano Emma Kirkby and performed around England, in Brighton Early Music Festival, Leeds Early Music Festival and Royal Greenwich Early Music Festival to name a few.

During these years I developed an urge to bring this kind of music out of the church to meet new audiences, people who never heard this kind of music before. I wanted to put emphasis on the text and focus more on the expression of the voice. I did so by creating my own performance "In Darkness Let Me Dwell" that premiered in an art centre in London 2015. The audience members were lying down to get an opportunity to really focus on listening to the melancholy music of the Renaissance.
I see this as the starting point for me to explore new ways of performing this kind of music.

This is what led me to apply to the masters Contemporary Performative Arts. My project is, using music from the Renaissance and Baroque period, to investigate how I can use the text to affect my singing voice. What happens if I really feel what I sing? If my focus is on using and communicating the text? In what way does it affect my musical expression, interpretation and perhaps even technique?

My method of research is using various types of drama methods, to shift between speaking and singing, and putting myself into different situations that might trigger an emotional response in my body and voice. 


In Darkness Let Me Dwell

Trailer for In Darkness Let Me Dwell. Premiered in Omnibus Art Centre, London November 2015

Publicerad 2016-10-25

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