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Presentation - Meritxell Aumedes Molinero

Epost: m.aumedes@eye-motional.com
Hemsida: www.eye-motional.com
"Versatile artist whose work brings to a new level of significance the combination between dance, performance and visual arts; exploring the notions of time, reality and experience." ART Habens 2016


 Master in Contemporary Performative Arts, Gothenburg University (Sweden)

 Multimedia Studies, Open University of Catalonia (Spain)

 Diploma in Dance, University for Music and Dance in Cologne (Germany)





Her multidisciplinary work melts the boundaries of visual art and performance, taking the form of audiovisual installations, performances or films. From her background in contemporary dance, the body is an element strongly present in her creations.

I want to be able to reach the audience, to give them an experience that resonates in them, opening the possibility for a dialogue between the artistic work and the viewers.



"inhabitant" is an immersive, interactive and site-specific performance. It explores the exclusive one-to-one encounter, where performer and participant create a unique performative experience together. inhabitant invites the audience to an exploratory self-discovery journey.

"Dive into a new way of experiencing and interacting with the world around and within you. Let your imagination flow and take you through an unconceivable journey. Allow your diverse senses and your intellect to reinterpret reality, make the complexity of the self perceptible and give you a new perspective and insight.
Join the game!"

Publicerad 2016-06-06

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