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Presentation - Benedikte Esperi

Telefon: 0736390420
Epost: benedikte@dansverk.se
Hemsida: www.benedikteesperi.com
Title: Contemporary Performative Artist and Lecturer in Dance. As a multidisciplinary artist I use videos to communicate and visualize an ephemeral genre; improvisation and live art.


Benedikte Esperi vimeo

Benedikte Esperi soundcloud




UNDA UASTUS© is the title of a collaboration that will explore, mix and highlight the unique visual
language of Contemporary Performative Art & Contemporary Jewellery Art

UNDA is billow, water & wave
Let us begin with Latin and English; the English word ¿waste¿ is derived from the Latin
UASTUS (a, um), meaning something that can´t be used, is squandered, or ruined. Like the Latin word, the English has a double meaning and is used not only to categorize a substance, but also to describe a conscious human action. In the latter sense, the word means something negative, something which possibly contends against a sane and measured action. At the same time, the waste becomes related to culture: without man, there is no waste.

Paula Lindblom Holds an MFA in applied Art - Contemporary Jewellery 2003, School of Design and Crafts,
Gothenburg, Sweden. Paula participates in exhibitions in Sweden and abroad and is
represented in publications both in UK and USA, books that contains ideas about
readymade and recycling material. She´s represented (acquired) at the The Röhsska
Museum 2014. Paulas main material and focus are everyday plastic, mixed with glass
beads, as a seek finder she use object, material in another context; Contemporary
Jewellery Art. http://klimt02.net/jewellers/paula-lindblom

Stefan Sundström Camera and documentation


Publicerad 2016-06-18

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