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Projects spring 2014


Ragnheiður BjarnarsonRagnheiður Bjarnarson

Welcome to the Candyshop. Here is enough of everything for everybody. If you step into my sweet world of perfection, you will not leave empty-handed.
Enjoy the flavour, the scenery and the activity that the Candyshop has to offer. Remember that everything is possible, you just have to believe and what you thought only belonged in your fantasy will happen right before your eyes.
Candyshop is a live, performative installation where the whole venue plays by its own rules. A fantasy world where audiences can interfere with the artwork and put their own touch on them. At the Candyshop visitors can taste the sweet flavor of art, discover their own delicious artistic identity and feed the artist with their hungry gaze.

The project I've been researching has the working title “my fantasy body” with the topic the image of the perfect female body, finding out where this idea comes from, why this perfection is so important and where girls find their role models on how they look upon their own bodies. The exploration starts out from my own body and I use it to gain knowledge through various actions and performances.

The image of the perfect female body held in hands with what is the trend at that time. That imaginary perfection society had made desirable through fashion and other propaganda. The main problem I think we are dealing with today are the unreal expectations towards the female body so it has to be on the verge of life and death to have achieved this desirable, imaginary perfection. I am interested in revealing the grotesque that lies behind the perfection and demonstrate that these criteria are becoming more unrealistic every day.

To put my research in relation to other artists in history I have chosen six female artist from the 60´s and 70´s period, that are dealing with similar questions as I am. I relate contemporary feministic views to the ones that occured at that time, to be inspired and get ideas from their action to create my own artwork and new knowledge, in order to connect contemporary times with history. Has society achieved any progress on the perception and ideology of the female body or is the criticism that is present in the works of these artists still relevant today?

Ragnheiður Bjarnarson is a graduated contemporary dancer from the Iclandic academy of arts. She has made various art works that have been shown in Japan, throughout Europe as well in Iceland. Since 2005 Ragnheiður has worked as a freelance artist, dancer and choreographer, mostly based in Reykjavík. She has collaborated with many artists from various fields of art both in her own work and also with the dance collective Samsteypan, which she founded 2006 among four other dancers. Ragnheiður´s works emphasizes on the body, how it moves, what it wears and it´s social behaviour. She creates an atmosphere, a graphical space that often includes some kind of live action, where visitors are part of the whole show.

Frej von FräähsenFrej von Fräähsen

Shewbread/sacrificial bread – Presentation of an investigative MA project
An artist presents the investigative work of monsterhood, shadow narratives and the call to adventure. I am drawn to the monster: its illusory freedom. Or is it actual freedom?

The monster is shewbread and sacrificial bread at the same time. He is not ashamed though he should be. He meets your gaze even as he sounds the trumpet: the end is approaching and this is why you resist its lure. The call to adventure is an eschatological cursor pointing towards the edge of culture and of the self.

The presentation is the telling of an investigative work. Open your eyes, ears and nostrils. Adventure awaits!

The presentation starts at Järntorget 10:00 on February 8 and ends elsewhere at 12:00 latest. Visitors need to bring headphones and an MP3 player. Please give notice that you will attend the presentation at the latest February 6: frej.von.fraahsen@gmail.com
I will then e-mail two mp3 files to you. These are part of the presentation, and participation is not possible without them.

Frej von Fräähsen: I am a dancer and choreographer with training from Laban. After an artist's residence in Ireland and employment at Dans i Värmland as teacher, choreographer and artistic director of the International Dance Festival ABUNDANCE 2010, I am now a student on the MA-program Contemporary Performative Arts at the Academy of Music and Drama. Participants: Annika Vestel, Johanna Samuelsson, Maria Nordin, Sara Skei Fostvedt.


Héctor García-JorqueraHéctor García-Jorquera

La Mejor Receta de Sopa de Pescado para Dos Pablos y Audiencia Presente Á Melhor Receita da Sopa de Peixe para Dois Pablos e Público Atual The Best Fish Soup Recipe for Two Pablos and Current Audience Det Bästa Receptet på Fisksoppa för Två Pablos och Närvarande Publik

The name of my master thesis project is Authenticity and The Public Space.
I need to create a new contextualization for my aesthetic practice, and to incorporate critical views, questioning both the format and the scenic heritage from the West.

I do not believe in authenticity in terms of the more individualistic relations of power but in terms of vulnerability, interdependence and mutual care. Also a way to question how capitalism has shaped and created the way of how we understand ”the” art or the value or the way that it is enjoyed. What does the performance art do of this?

Héctor García-Jorquera is an actor, theater director, dramaturge, poet and performer. He studied photography and video and has been working for several years as a teacher, producer, and an activist. He has worked exclusively in the ”public places” since 1997 with performances, happenings, carnivals, poetry and political social movements.

Photo: Camera Lúdica, Canto para Barthes, HGJ12 ©Arngrim Larsen


Marika HedemyrMarika Hedemyr

My MA-project
The project started from an urge to explore the punctum of my art and practice and aims at re-articulating my artistic practice by exploring new approaches to creating and presenting work. The relation between the physical body and the body of society never stops intriguing me.

My method has been to create works, articulate and write, create new works and re-visit earlier ones. The Event Series is the final practical part of the project. In the written part I explore performative text. My practice is located in the intersection of performative art, choreographic actions, film, spoken and written words.

The Event Series
Gothenburg has transformed from being an industrial city to becoming an Event City, marketed as a creative hub for innovation and events. This process has winners and losers, whose perspectives on reality are in conflict; The successful Event City, the situation for independent artists, the increasing segregation and gentrification, the “Gothenburg spirit” and the corruption scandals. They clash and create a vibrant dissonance in the city.

That dissonance is what I explore in The Event Series by doing an aesthetic exploration of “Evenemangstråket” - the Event Area of Gothenburg. I work with the physical site as well as the narrative associated with it, creating a series of works on location, as research and pilots for the project.

Marika Hedemyr is a Swedish artist combining choreography and philosophy in the context of public spaces. She works with bodies, ideas and our contemporary urban society and creates work for public spaces, theatre stages, art venues and film.


Pontus LidbergPontus Lidberg

I work with human physicality as my primary language and the animating factor and common denominator in my work is often the human body.
As a counterpoint to this human element, I am interested in movement from nature devoid of thought or feeling, such as the passing of time and seasons as well as the transformative experience of nature.

In my MA project, I’m using the element of water to connect to an internal human landscape. The project explores a symbolic relationship to water, is inspired by the kinetic properties of water as well as the ability of the element to poetically strengthen a personal narrative. The changing of seasons, the falling of snow, and the synchronized flight of large flocks of birds are examples of movement and life of an impersonal nature.

I am interested in the dichotomy of the fractured human reality and the constancy of nature, yet these two polarities are also strangely connected: the movement of the sea and the flight of birds are forces of nature, unstoppable occurrences that happen beyond the realm of reason or feeling. This is also an aspect of human life; one cannot stop the waves on the ocean, or the internal feeling aspects of being human.

With this installation, I offer a meditative reflection on the human condition. I will use my presentation as an opportunity to show a work in progress in order to facilitate and open a discourse. What I am presenting and discussing is a detail or a nucleus of an idea, rather than a fully executed work.
Photo: Nir Arieli

Monique WernhamnMonique Wernhamn

Between you and me - Voices that move across borders

What is freedom to me - what is freedom to you? When is it okay to break the law? What pisses you off? What are you dreaming about?? Which topics are never lifted up for discussion?

In the project, 25 young adults equipped with film cameras, interviewed each other and elderly persons in their environment, based on the questions above. Out from this material I´ve formed an exhibition at Göteborgs Konsthall.
The performance of five youth are based on the exhibition and the in-depth artistic process we had together, in the autumn of 2013.

The MA-project is part of the work I carried out during two years in collaboration with Göteborgs Konsthall, Burgårdens Utbildningscentrum, Kulturskolan in Gothenburg and Arena 29.
I explore and develop participatory driven processes and works and the artist’s role and function in these – in this project together with youths. I I explore how we can create spaces that are both open and confidence-building, at the same time as they enable us to question established norms and to engage in dialogues concerning life, society and the world around us.

The topics we worked with were interpreted artistically through text, photography, film, sound, installation, performance. The aim is also to examine how the voices of the participants can take space as artistic pieces of work in the public.

Monique Wernhamn is an artist and set designer. She explores performativity, participation and dialogue in relation to location and context, reality and fiction, politics and aesthetics. Through performances, installations, and relational processes she does work for both public space, theatre space and art venues.



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